Ever since I was a child my thoughts were black and white,

I was either happy or sad, there was not a lot in between.

To be honest, I’m still that kid, I’m screaming or I’m quiet.

And of course that translates into my work. I’m all in

and I turn myself inside out to tell the world what I have

to say. From day one there are a few themes that

keep coming back, probably because they are important

in my personal life. I'm always struggling with my

own identity, with the question who I really am. And then

there's the melancholy, ever since I can remember I feel

a layer of melancholy as an additional skin. Which can bebeautiful and painful at the same time. But maybe the

most important thing is honesty, I want to believe

and feel what I make. Whether it's a photo, a short video, adrawing or a written text. I want to give the viewer

an experience of a world they may not know.


Born on 22-10-1989

Living in Arnhem (NL)




2012-2017 Fotoacademie Amsterdam (cum laude)



2016 - It's my fucking birthday (sold out)



2013 GUP new dutch photography talent 2013

2016 'The choking game' Just magazine

2016 'Dennis' Just magazine

2016 'Dennis' Kaltblut magazine

2016 'It's my fucking birthday' Kaltblut magazine

2016 'Ilke Paddenburg' Volkskrant 'V'

2017 Fotolab Kiekie

2017 'Upcoming Talent' SHUTR Photo

2017 'Nachtvlinders' Yours Magazine

2017 'Max' Het Parool

2017 'Hotshot' Oh Magazine

2017 'Oh boy!' Oh Magazine

2017 'Michael Bloos' Volkskrant 'V'



2014 CRY HAVOC group exhibition "Resolution"

2015 Solo exhibition Arnhems Proeflokaal.

2017 'Am I the border?' graduation exhibition, Loods 6 Amsterdam

2017 'Am I the border?' solo exhibition Upstairs Bar Melkweg Amsterdam




2013 GUP new dutch photography talent

2015 Nominated SO 2015 student awards