Born in 1989

Living in Arnhem (NL)




Melancholy has been my friend since I was a child. I was scared and easily overwhelmed. Growing up with a dying sister destroyed my innocence, it gave me a feeling of solitude that has never gone away. Over the years I suffered multiple depressions and at the age of 25 I got diagnosed with borderline. In May 2017 I graduated Cum Laude at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam with a project in which I studied my life as a ‘borderliner’ and borderline in general. 


My art comes from an intuitive and intimate place. I often describe my approach as a dance, whether it’s a photo, an artwork, a painting or a drawing, I have to give as much as my subject gives me. In my opinion the intention must be the same in all those different media. I believe that this honest way of working is essential for my work to communicate to others.


I want them to feel it, relate to it. 

Cause an experience.





2012-2017 Fotoacademie Amsterdam (cum laude)



2016 - It's my fucking birthday (sold out)




2017 ShutR

2017 Kiekie Krant

2017 Kaltblut

2017 Het Parool

2017 Oh Magazine

2017 Volkskrant

2018 Fucking Young




2015 Solo exhibition Arnhems Proef Lokaal

2017 Graduation exhibition, Loods 6 Amsterdam

2017 Solo exhibition Upstairs Bar Melkweg Amsterdam

2018 Solo exhibition Club NYX Amsterdam

2018 Group exhibition Galerie Sehnsucht

2019 Group exhibition WGkunst Amsterdam